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WinCE Training eBook - Now Available

Embedded Systems Using WinCE (eBook)

by Asang Dani, Yashavant Kanetkar

Windows CE (Compact Edition) is Microsoft's time-tested real-time OS for Mobile and Embedded devices. WinCE has proven itself as a robust platform for product development. Biggest challenge, however, is diversity of topics that one needs to master to harness the true power of WinCE. This training material we hope will address that need. It captures more than 3 years of experience that we have gathered while doing WinCE training and product consulting in the Asia Pacific region.

Table Of Contents

  • Designing OS
  • Platform Builder
  • Using Kernel Debugger
  • Understanding SDK
  • Creating SDK
  • Build Process
  • Configuring OS
  • OS Internals
  • Process Memory Architecture
  • Kernel Memory Architecture
  • Memory Access
  • Stream Device Drivers
  • Native Device Drivers
  • UM Drivers And Pointers
  • Interrupts Driver Loading
  • Managing Device Drivers
  • Virtual Disk Driver
  • Using Debug Zones
  • Working With CETK
  • Creating tests using CETK DLLs
  • Synchronization Objects
  • Boot Loader
  • Writing Drivers in C++
  • Power Management
  • BSP Driver Libraries
  • Networking And Communications
  • Windows Media Player Architecture
  • Emulator Skin
  • Filesystem Architecture
  • USB
  • Customizing Shell
  • eBook contains
    • 26 Coloured PDF Files containing detailed slides for each topic mentioned above.
    • Working Windows CE 5.0/6.0 Stream Interface and Virtual Disk Device Drivers with source code.

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