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WinCE6 - Advanced Build Options

details about advanced build options available for WinCE 6.0 OS design

Following are the command options and small description.


Same as Build Solution

Clean Sysgen

Same as Rebuild Solution

Build and Sysgen

Builds components from the source code supplied by MSFT and after that same as Build Solution. *NOT RECOMMENDED*

Rebuild and Clean Sysgen

Removes all previously built OS components and after that build components from the source code supplied by MSFT, after that same as Build Solution. *NOT RECOMMENDED*

Build Current BSP and Subprojects

Builds the current BSP and subprojects. To successfully complete the command, you must previously build an OS (by running Sysgen)

Rebuild Current BSP and Subprojects

Deletes the previously created BSP modules and subprojects and rebuilds them
For a normal Windows CE developer Build and Sysgen and Rebuild and Clean Sysgen do not make much sense and they are intended for core CE developers at MSFT. Rebuilding the entire design may or may not work, but it will override any installed QFE. After rebuilding you might soon get strange errors that may be either hard to fix, or just impossible to fix. So make sure to select the correct option to build your design!
12:07 AM

DirectShow Filter Register Errors


At Initial development stage, we all faced many problem while registering dshow filter properly.

The module “WavDest.dll” was loaded but the call to DllRegisterServer failed with error code 0x80070005

Problem seen mostly on Vista or Win7. Error occur due to no admin privilege.
you will need to use a command prompt that is executed as administrator.
- Right-click on the command prompt icon
- Select [ Run as administrator ]
- Now run "Regsvr32.exe WavDest.dll" 
9:32 PM