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Windows Mobile: Working with FakeGPS


What is FakeGPS

Microsoft has introduced a new tool named FakeGPS for Windows Mobile application developers and testers. Testing GPS application was difficult in earlier mobile SDK versions as a GPS receiver doesn't work within closed walls, also the Emulators didn't have any GPS simulated testing tool built in. Using FakeGPS, developers and testers can now easily simulate satellite based global positioning system data and use that for testing their GPS applications. FakeGPS comes with Microsoft Windows Mobile SDK v6.0 and DTK version 6.3.5; after the SDK installation is copied into C:\Program Files\Windows Mobile 6.5.3 DTK\Tools\GPS folder. FakeGPS creates a text file containing all the GPS data and simulates the functionality of a GPS receiver. In this article I will demonstrate how to use the FakeGPS tool to test your GPS application.

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Sourcecode : GPSApplication-source
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