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Online video shows how to build Windows CE 6 OS images


Mike Hall, senior technical product manager in the Windows Embedded group, has recorded an "eHow-to" video showing the process of configuring and building a Windows CE 6 operating system image using the Beta release distributed to MEDC attendees at Las Vegas and subsequent events worldwide.

Hall notes that the process of configuring and building is not much different from that of version 5.0. The OS Design Wizard will be familiar to anyone who has built a Winows CE 5 image. The principal difference is that the Winows CE Platform Builder is now a plug-in to Visual Studio 2005, rather than a standalone program. This means that the same tool, VS, can be used to build the operating system and create both native and managed applications, according to Hall.

In addition to building an OS image, the 21-minute video shows how to add a Win32 "Hello World" application, and how to edit application specific registry information. It also takes a look at the new documentation for Windows CE.

View the video in here (requires Windows Media Player): 300K Version | 110K Version
2:52 PM

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