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How to add a 3rd Party driver.

There are two methods of adding a 3rd party driver in a workspace to be used on a specific platform.

a. Using a .cab file.
b. Manually modifying workspace files to include the driver into a platform build.

For our examples, we will assume that a fundamental knowledge of building a standard image is already known and that we are working with an existing workspace.

*Using a .cab file:

· Often times the 3rd party vender will provide the driver files and registry entries in the form of a .cab file. This allows the user to double click the .cab file to install all necessary drivers, resource files, and registry entries into their appropriate location.

a. Key Notes about .cab files:

i. Usually disappear upon implementation (make a copy!)

ii. Created using Visual Studio

iii.To use in your platform, CAB File Installer/Uninstaller must be added to the workspace in Platform builder.

*Manually adding in a 3rd party driver:

1) 3rd party vendor will provide the necessary driver .dll file, .reg file, and .bib file to be added to your workspace.

2) Once you have the necessary files from the vendor, open the workspace that will have the 3rd party driver added to it.

3) You will need to add the driver file in question into the workspace release folder (In this example we will use a touch screen driver):


(Our touch screen driver in this case will called “touch_ce.dll”)

4) Open the platform.bib file and add the following entry provided by the vendor:

touch_ce.dll $(_FLATRELEASEDIR)\touch_ce.dll NK SH

Save and exit text editor

5) Open the platform.reg file and add the following entry provided by the vendor:

"CalibrationData"="2161,2497 701,1418 693,3573 3542,3545 3516,1399"

Save and exit text editor

6) Go back to workspace that will have the 3rd party driver added and select “Make Run-Time Image" from the Build OS drop down menu.

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