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Sample code for the Windows Phone 7

Please find below a list of links to sample code, found freely on the web that are relevant to Windows Phone 7. This list also includes samples that are generic to Silverlight or XNA but can apply to the Phone owing to shared technology.

Accelerometer; Simulating accelerometer data in the Windows Phone 7 Emulator 

Animation; Ptorr Slides, Video and Code (Page Turn animation etc.) 

Audio; Audio Recording in WP7 

Comms; Accessing WCF Data Services from WP7 CTP 

Comms; Calling Web Services with Silverlight 2 (general example) 

DB; Siaqodb on WindowsPhone7 (a local object database) 

External; Sample image encoders, decoders (png, gif, bmp)

Foursquare; Foursquare for Windows Phone 7 

Games; Physics Games in Silverlight on Windows Phone 7 

General; A collection of WP7 samples (navigate, WCF, Blend) 

General; MSDN; Code Samples for Windows Phone 

General; Silverlight Toolkit

Geo; Simulate Geo Location 

Graphics; Free icons (Archetype) 

Graphics; Icons for Windows Phone 7 

Graphics; MSDN: Application Bar Icons for Windows Phone 7 Series 

InkPresenter; Silverlight for Mobile on Windows Phone 7 InkPresenter fun 

LINQ; Creating LINQ Data Provider for WP7 (Part 1) 

LINQ; Reactive Framework (Rx) Wiki Samples 

Manipulation; Blog;WPF Manipulation Basics

Manipulation; Simple Gesture Sample 

Manipulation; Simulating Multitouch on the Windows Phone 7 Emulator 

Map; Sample: Using the Bing Maps Silverlight control on the Windows Phone 7 

Misc; Coding4Fun: Windows Phone Cannon

MVVM; Galasoft MVVM LightToolkit 

ODATA; Developing a Windows Phone 7 Application that Consumes ODATA 

ODATA; Odata Client Library for WP7

Orientation; Strategies for Dealing with Orientation Changes 

Panorama; Building the Elusive Windows Phone Panorama Control 

Panorama; Panoramic Navigation on WP7 (gestures Multitouch) 

Panorama; Windows Phone 7 Panorama Control sample 

Push; MSDN; Developing an Application for Push Notifications 

RSS; Windows Phone 7 Series RSS reader 

Silverlight; Silverlight Documentation Samples

Silverlight; Silverlight Toolkit (Silverlight 2) 

Silverlight; Silverlight Toolkit (Silverlight 3 extended controls) 

Tilt; Sample: Tilt Effect for Windows Phone Controls 

Twitter; Sample: Building a Windows Phone 7 Twitter Application using Silverlight 

WebSite; MSDN; Designing Web Sites for Phone Browsers 

WPF; WPF Samples 

WrapPanel; Sample: Silverlight Toolkit and the Windows Phone: WrapPanel, and a few others 

WriteableBitmap; Render XNA content into Silverlight Writeable Bitmap 

XNA; Space Rocks game (step 7)

Thanks to
Mark Chamberlain, Sr. Escalation Engineer, Microsoft Developer Support
11:52 PM

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